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NearShore Services

Geosurveys can also provide support for your offshore and nearshore operations with:


High resolution bathymetry

High resolution backscatter

High density 3D pointcloud sampling

High density 3D pointcloud with backscatter

High density 3D pointcloud (small shipwreck)

3D pointcloud (small shipwreck - side view)

Parametric SBP interpretation

Parametric SBP attributes

Multichannel seismic acquisition

Advanced quality control

Single channel seismic acquisition

Seismic Processing


- Early identification of problems

- Unambiguous approval criteria

- Increased vertical and horizontal resolution

- Reduction of environmental impact, increasing operational limits and work efficiency

- Improved multiple attenuation

- Greater signal penetration capacity through recovery and signal gain techniques


- Geometric and positioning corrections

- Noise analysis and removal

- Signal deconvolution

- Trace-by-trace corrections

- Attenuation of multiples in Pre-Stack

- Pre-Stack Migration

- Velocity ​​model after migration in Pre-Stack

Sediment sampling

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