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Geosurveys' mission is to provide geophysical solutions using cutting-edge technology. We strive for the right combination of youth, technical excellence and experience, with the ability to choose tools that are tailored to the client's needs.


Ground Penetrating Radar

Georadar is a geophysical method based on the propagation of high frequency electromagnetic waves (25MHz to 2GHz).

It has applicability in several areas, and is usually used in tasks related to:


Electrical resistivity and induced polarization (IP) are geophysical prospecting methods based on measuring the electrical properties of geological formations. Geosurveys use 2D and 3D configurations, reaching investigation depths of up to 1000m (with special configurations).

These methodologies were applied, with proven success in:

Among the various methods, the following stand out:

Seismic methods

The application areas of high-resolution refraction seismic and MASW techniques are vast and we can offer solutions for:

MASW/MAM techniques also allow:

Geosurveys also has equipment to perform seismic tests in drilling holes, also known as Downhole and Crosshole.

Thermal conductivity and thermography

Geosurveys has technicians and equipment to carry out analyzes of temperature variations, whether by characterizing the thermal conductivity of materials, or by thermographic cameras, for remote detection of different bodies.

Geosurveys also has technology to carry out temporal evolution studies and determine thermal gradients (heating rates or cooling rates).

Magnetometry and magnetic gradiometry

For mapping magnetic anomalies (resource mapping, identification of UXO's or others), Geosurveys has advanced techniques in:

These methodologies have applicability in various fields (construction, mining industry, and others)

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